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Why We Love Tucson

Linda Fulgenzi the Faces of Tucson AZ

I love Tucson primarily for the people, the diversity. People are genuinely kind to each other, and they are also interesting and knowledgeable. Fascinating people come here to live. Combine that with the fact that Tucson is absolutely stunning, beautiful and exotic in its own way, it's a winner. – Linda Fulgenzi

Marta Bustamante the Faces of Tucson AZ Spanish Speaking REALTOR homes for sale

As a Colombian married to an American, Tucson has given us the perfect mix between our two cultures. It has helped us to teach our boys about acceptance, love and understanding of all others.
The weather, the amazing food and the beautiful outdoors is a plus and it has helped us to be the warmest spot for when our families need to escape the rough winters of the east. Tucson is also “the calm” when my parents want to run away from the big south American city where they live. For us, Tucson is our home away from home. – Marta Bustamante

Darren Jones Tucson REALTOR the Faces of Tucson AZ Luxury homes for sale

I love tucson because it is the first place I have ever lived that I want to come back to. It is the feeling of home. What’s more, most people you meet who live here want you to live here too.
Tucson has a certain elemental lightness. It feels good to be here. I had no intention of moving to Tucson when I first visited. But if you get it, you really get it! – Darren Jones

luxury REALTOR homes for sale Tucson AZ iguana the faces of Tucson Tony Ray Baker

I have been an ambassador for Tucson for as long as I can remember. I love the amazing weather that allows me to do what I want almost every day of the year.
I love mountains and the blue skies and the smell of desert sage after a rainstorm. Oh, I love the monsoon thunder and lightning storms!

Most of all, I love the people of Tucson. The way they make a point to support local businesses and the way they treat strangers with kindness. I have traveled to many other beautiful cities and countries and met a lot of great people, but I wouldn’t live anywhere else. – Tony Ray

Beth Heidenreich and Rumor the dog the Faces of Tucson AZ

My favorites things about Tucson are the laid back/casual people and the beautiful mountains.
I love that there are lots of outdoor activities for everyone (walking paths, hiking, biking, sports, etc) and 350+ days of sunshine per year.- Beth Heidenreich

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